Sustainability Grant to K-12 Schools

The 2014 Tread Lightly Fundraiser will help raise funds for a sustainability grant to go to a local K-12 school.


Below were the Public School Districts that our race participants voted on to receive the sustainability grant.  From the race voting process, Fayetteville won!  

  • Benton County School of the Arts 

  • Bentonville

  • Decatur

  • Elkins

  • Farmington

  • Fayetteville 

  • Gentry

  • Gravette

  • Greenland

  • Huntsville

  • Lincoln

  • Pea Ridge

  • Prairie Grove

  • Rogers

  • Siloam Springs

  • Springdale

  • West Fork

Sustainability Grant Process


In responding to the RFPs, schools will need to demonstrate that their project can show a balanced return on investment in all three areas:

  1. Environment 

  2. Social

  3. Economic

That is, design your projects for a Triple Bottom Line Return on investment for people, profit and planet.


Sustainability projects should drive positive change at least one or more of the following areas:

  1. EcoSystem Services and Food

  2. Energy

  3. Water

  4. Arts and Culture

  5. Health and Well Being

  6. Workforce Development