• Karen Stewart

GM Green Dealer Program - Nunnally Chevrolet

EcoPotential NGO attended the award ceremony for Nunnally Chevrolet in Rogers, AR. Nunnally was recognized for their commitment to protecting the environment by receiving the "Green Dealer Program" award. "Participating dealers have proven track records in areas such as energy reduction, renewable energy use, water conservation efforts, recycling, on-site nature habitats and community outreach." Nunnally Chevrolet is also one of the first dealerships in Arkansas in a LEED building.

As a consumer, we are always looking to support businesses that are committed to improving our environment, economy and social health. So, when we needed a new car for our son, of course, we bought one from Nunnally Chevrolet. Learn more at Green Dealer Program.

Green Dealer Program.jpg
Nunnally Green Dealer.jpg

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